What Happens When A Resident Passes Away?

When someone dies, their husband, wife or partner may be able to take over the tenancy. In cases of joint tenancies, the surviving resident automatically succeeds the tenancy. If you do not have a husband, wife or partner, it may be possible for your tenancy to go to a close family member. In this case we’d need to check that that they had been living with you for 12 months before you died.


Before offering the tenancy we will look at the circumstances of the family member and housing needs in the local area. We could offer a tenancy in another home that is better suited to their needs. If more than one person has the right to succeed the tenancy, we’ll decide who it should be given to.

If you are the person that has succeeded the tenancy, no one else will be able to succeed to your tenancy.

You’ll find more information about your succession rights in your tenancy agreement.


How we help relatives if someone passes away

If one of our residents passes away, we’ll offer as much advice as we can to their relatives or close friends. Please let us know straight away if someone close to you has died. We understand that this is a difficult time, and we’re here to help. We’ll be able to deal with any questions you might have about their tenancy and home.