Vandalism & Graffiti

We need your help to stop vandalism. You should let us know straight away if you notice someone vandalising something. Where possible we will charge them with the cost of any damage they cause. If we can’t do this, the costs are paid through the rent charges everybody pays. So it’s important that you encourage people not to vandalise things. We will try to repair any damage as quickly as possible and aim to remove any abusive graffiti within 24 hours. 

Fly Tipping

If you leave large items of rubbish near your home, they will not be picked up by your local council. This means, it's left to us to clear them away. If we have to remove rubbish ourselves, we'll charge the cost to everyone in a block of flats. So if you know someone who is dumping rubbish, then please let us know so we can charge it to the right person.

Your local area has rubbish tips where you can take items, such as beds, that you don't want anymore. Your local council may also pick up your rubbish for a cost, so please contact them if you want to arrange a collection. Unwanted furniture and electrical items can be recycled. Epsom and Ewell Foodbank runs a furniture recycling scheme, they will collect a suitable item for a donation of £10 and offer it to people with the greatest need. 

Contact your local council to find out where your nearest rubbish tip is or to arrange a time for collection.