Our Values & Objectives

Our Values

We care about our customers, defined as anyone who touches our business in any way and at any time. Our values include a performance culture focusing on:

Excellence in Customer Care


customer care

We will listen and positively include our customers in the design of some features of their homes, so they have a direct say in shaping services and ensuring choice where achievable at a price that is competitive and good value



We will actively listen, communicate effectively and positively –   ‘can do’ creating credibility and trust



We will set ourselves challenging targets, compare ourselves with others and continually improve our individual skills and collective performance

Respect and Diversity

respect and diversity

We believe that strengths are not only in the similarities but in the differences, providing equality of opportunity, ensuring that individuals, groups and communities are valued and that differences are embraced

Our Objectives


To provide a range of affordable, quality homes and services, ensuring choice where possible


To provide excellent service at a suitable price, recognising value for money principles


To bring added value to the communities where we work


To develop clear and concise communications


To develop our people to achieve their, and our, potential