Value for Money


Value for Money (VfM) means managing our resources economically, efficiently and effectively to provide quality services and homes - put simply it is business efficiency. We measure VfM in the context of meeting our objectives.

You can read about our Objectives here

We aim to fulfil our objectives by implementing the strategic direction outlined in our Corporate Plan with each reflecting our vision 'To make a positive difference'

VfM is embedded in all that we do. We evidence savings and staff are encouraged to challenge established ways of working to inspire savings. 

Why is VfM so important?

There is a greater emphasis on VfM, due mostly to the need to stretch significantly reduced public funding, so that development can continue and the provision of affordable housing can continue to grow. In the current economic environment of increasing costs of funds and the impact of the proposed welfare benefit reforms, VfM has a crucial role to play in enabling development to continue, and to improve service standards for our customers so that they receive VfM for the rent they pay.

Click the links below to view our VfM Self-Assessments and Financial Statements:

Financial reports front cover

Report and Financial Statements 31.03.16

Value for money image

Value for Money Self-Assessment Year Ended 31.03.2017


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Value for Money Self-Assessment Year Ended 31.03.2016


VFM Self Assessment 2015

Value for Money Self-Assessment Year Ended 31.03.2015 

VFM Self Assessment 2014

Value for Money Self Assessment Year Ended 31.03.2014 

Report and Financial Statements 2015

Report and Financial Statements 31.03.15


Report and Financial Statements 2014

Report and Financial Statements 31.03.14

Value for Money Policy

Value for Money Policy 


Value for Money Suggestions

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