Support With ASB

By speaking in confidence to us, we'll provide as much support as we can. If one of our residents, their family or friends is causing a problem, then we can do something to help. We will: 

  • Put all new residents on Starter Tenancies, which is a 12 month probationary period
  • Send letters to people causing a problem explaining how they have broken the terms of their tenancy agreement
  • Install noise recording equipment to record any disturbance caused by ASB
  • Draft ‘Acceptable Behaviour Contracts’, which residents must agree to follow
  • Work with the local council to put someone back on a probationary period, which means they will lose some of their rights as our resident
  • Work with the council to evict anyone who causes the most serious ASB.

But if the person causing a nuisance to you is a home owner, or they rent privately, we won’t be able to resolve the problem ourselves. If this is the case, we’ll work closely with the police to help with their investigations.


Collecting evidence

If we think a resident is causing serious ASB, we’ll apply to court to have the person evicted. The court will only grant us a ‘possession order’ if we have enough evidence to prove the resident has seriously broken the terms of their tenancy agreement. We’ll need statements from you and other people who have witnessed any incidents.

We need your support to do this, so it’s important that you keep details of dates, times and types of problems that have been caused. The court is more likely to grant us an order if we have evidence from you or others who’ve been affected.

Useful information

To record all incidents of ASB, we've created a Diary Log. Click here for more details and to download an ASB diary log  

Click this link to view and download ASB leaflets

Click this link for advice on attending court as a witness