Starter Tenancy

If you’re a new resident who hasn’t been housed by another social landlord you’ll be given a starter tenancy. This includes people who’ve been living in temporary accommodation. A starter tenancy normally lasts for 12 months, but this could be increased in certain situations.  Once this time has passed, your agreement will become an assured tenancy. A starter tenancy is like a probation period so it’s important that you stick to the rules.  If you don’t, your tenancy may be ended.

If you have been given a starter tenancy, please read the agreement rules and our policy below:

Starter Tenancy Agreement

Starter Tenancy Policy *please note this policy will be reviewed by Rosebery in 2016    

Paying for your home

  • Your rent and service charge must be paid in full weekly in advance to it's received by us on or before each Monday
  • If you are joint tenants, each of you is responsible for all the rent. This means that even if one of you fails to pay their share of the rent or leaves, the other must pay the full amount

Inside your home

  • Tell us as soon as possible about any faults or damage to your home or the communal areas
  • You must live in the property as your only or main home and there should not be more people living there than the number given on page 4 of your tenancy agreement
  • Keep your home in good and clean condition
  • Let us know if you're going to be away from your home for more than 28 days
  • Do not use or store any flammable materials in your home, shed, storage areas, garage or outhouse

Your garden

  • If you have a garden, keep it tidy, do not remove or damage any tree or hedge unless we give you permission
  • Get rid of all garden and household rubbish in an appropriate way
  • Keep the boundary fencing and gates in a good state of repair

Access to your home

  • Let our staff and contractors into your home after we have given you 24 hours notice, to check or carry out work

Pets and other animals

  • Get our written permission if you'd like to keep an animal in your home and you must not let the animal cause a nuisance to anyone
  • If you live in a flat or maisonette, you can't keep any pets except small caged animals such as birds, reptiles and fish (this does not apply to assistance dogs)

Maintenance to your home

  • Arrange and pay for some small repairs to be carried out, such as replacing bath or sink plugs/chains, tap washers and toilet seats; bleeding radiators; replacing light bulbs
  • Pay for any necessary repairs to danage that has been caused by yourself, a member of your household or a visitor to your home
  • Arrange to have pests, such as rodents or ants, that are infesting your home properly removed
  • Get our written permission if you want t make any improvements to your home, such as removing walls or cutting timbers

Leaving your home and ending your tenancy

  • Tell us in writing at least four weeks before you leave your home that you wish to leave it and return the keys to us by 9am the day after your notice has expired
  • If you are joint tenants, then only one person needs to give us four week's notice
  • If one person on the joint tenancy wishes to leave the home and no longer live there as their main property, they will need to complete a Deed of Release form
  • Leave your home clean, tidy, and empty of rubbish
  • Provide details of your new address to us
  • Pay for any damamge that has been caused deliberately or by neglect by you, anyone living with or visiting you
  • Make sure the home is completely empty (of people and contents) and locked when you return the keys to us
  • Tell your utility and service providers (e.g. gas, electricity, water) of the last day of your tenancy and give them meter readings if needed
  • Pay all outgoings for your home up until the day your tenancy ends and the keys are returned to us

You and your neighbourhood

  • You (or people living or visiting you) cannot cause any sort of harassment, victimisation, disturbance, intimidation, annoyance, nuisance or use or threaten violence to any other person (including our staff and contractors carrying out work at your home)
  • You are responsible for your own behaviour and of those who live or visit you at your home, even if you may be out at the time of any disturbance
  • There are certain things that you or anyone living/visiting you must not do, which include carrying out illegal activity such as taking drugs, causing damage to any buildings or property, obstruct communal areas, dump rubbish in shared areas


  • If you want to keep any vehicle except a private car, motorcycle or domestic car, you need to get our written permission
  • Vehicles parked in designated parking areas must be roadworthy, properly taxed and insured


  • Ask for our written permission if you want to put up a garden shed, greenhouse, outhouse, aerials or satellite dishes - and you are responsible for keeping these in good condition
  • Keep to any 'special conditions' listed at the end of your agreement
  • Do not sub-let or assign the tenancy or transfer the whole tenancy to another person unless a court orders you to do so or with our written permission  when you are exchanging your home
  • Ask for our permission of you wish to run a business from home or any communa areas. We can withdraw our permission if your business becomes a nuisance
  • Do not carry out or allow any vehicle repairs on your property or any of the private roads, driveways or car parking areas (except small repairs)


You can also view the Tenants Handbook here