Shared Areas

Some of our homes have hallways, entrances and stairs which are shared by more than one property. We’re responsible for keeping these shared areas in a good condition. But we’ll expect you to help us to do this by:

  • Not dropping litter
  • Clearing your rubbish properly
  • Cleaning up anything that spills

These areas, which include entrances, communal corridors, landings and stairs, are escape routes so they must always be kept clear. You must not leave prams, mobility scooters, rubbish bags, bikes or other items in these areas. Put your rubbish out at the right times and if you need any large items removed, do not leave them in shared areas or bin stores. Your local authority can arrange a special collection for a fee, otherwise you can take these items to your nearest rubblish and recyling facility. 

If your neighbourhood has a play area for younger children, please keep these areas as safe as possible. Make sure your children are supervised if they are playing in them. 

We'll check that the cleaning and grounds maintenance where you live is as good as it should be but you can let us know if you think it could be better. 

Things like cleaning and ground maintenance are covered in the service charge you pay to us. You will be sent details of the charges each year with your annual rent increase letter.

Esate Services

Our Estates Services Officer helps to make sure that our gardening and cleaning contractors' performance is up to scratch. He works very closely with our Estate Champions to do this and he's out and about on our estates checking that all the shared areas are well maintained and litter-free. He inspects bin areas, storage areas and car parks owned by us and arranges to remove any large items that have been dumped. He makes sure that communal repairs are reported and completed in shared areas. 

If there is an issue that you think the Estates Services Officer should know about please ring our Customer Services team who can arrange for him to come and have a look.