Repairs to My Home

It is our responsibility to make sure that the outside of your home is in good condition, and to repair fixtures and fittings inside your home, such as kitchen units, pipes and heating systems.

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Our in-house Rosebery Repairs service manages our repairs and the T Brown Group manages our gas services. If you want to report a problem or you’d like more information, please click the links below or complete the Report a Repair form online.

My Gas Service

My Repairs Service


You are not responsible for repairs to shared areas, but we do ask you to report any necessary repairs in these areas. It is your responsibility to maintain the inside of your home and carry out minor repairs. For more information on what you are responsible for, and what we are responsible for, please read our Repairs Responsibilities page


When people visit our properties, we are committed to providing an environment which ensures their health, safety and wellbeing are maintained. This includes our residents, employees and visitors. To find out more, read our Resident Health and Safety Policy

For more details about our repairs service, read our Report a Repair page

One of our highest priorities is to make sure an empty home (void) is ready to be rented out to a new resident. We aim to make sure all repairs to empty homes are carried out to the standard agreed with customers and minimise the time it takes to complete these repairs. If you'd like to know more, please read our Void Management Policy

Our Sustainability & Environmental Policy sets out our approach to environmental sustainability. It focuses on things like the maintenance, servicing, refurbishment, improvement, recycling and disposal of our properties.