Repairs Standard

What You Can Expect From Our Repair Workers


Repair workers must:

  • Say who they are and show you their identity card before coming in.
  • Give you respect and always behave professionally.
  • Tell you what they’re going to do and what this will mean for you.
  • Protect things in your home from damage, dust and paint.
  • Make sure what they’re working with isn’t dangerous.
  • Let you know how the work is going.
  • Clear their rubbish from your home and make sure electricity, water and gas are put back on after the work has been done.
  • Keep mess and noise to a minimum.
  • Explain how to work any new things they’ve put in.
  • Close doors and gates when they leave.


Repair workers must not:

  • Smoke or play radios in or around your home.
  • Use your phone, or their own mobile device to make personal calls when they’re doing your work.
  • Be in your home with children without an adult there.
  • Receive money, services or gifts from residents as a thank you for work.
  • Take their lunch break in your home.
  • Keep keys to your home.
  • Use bad language.


And they must ask permission to:

  • use your phone
  • use your toilet
  • go into other rooms in your home
  • use your electricity.

Our Service

We’ll listen and deal with repairs in an efficient and helpful way. Most repairs are done by our in-house repairs service but we sometimes use other workers. They’re all expected to complete repairs on time and to a good standard. Anyone working in or around your home must do what it says in the list called ‘Our repair workers must’.

We carry out regular checks to make sure that we’re keeping a good standard of service for you. We do this by choosing some repairs at random and visiting those homes to look at the work that’s been done. We also carry out text message and telephone surveys, asking residents for their opinions on the work that has been completed in their homes.

Please let us know straight away if you’re not happy with any repairs that have been carried out. Our in-house Rosebery Repairs service will look into the problem and try to sort it out. If you’re still not satisfied after you’ve received a response, you can make a formal complaint to us. For information on how to do this, please contact our office for a leaflet on 01372 814000