Our Transfer List

We want to make sure that allocations are carried out in a fair and transparent way and that issues of sustainability, diversity and nomination arrangements with the local authorities are considered. To do this, we have an Allocations Panel consisting of the Head of Housing & Customer Service, the Neighbourhood Officer and another Senior Officer.

Our Priorities

Our main priority is to find alternative housing for residents who need to move because of the condition of their home property - when improvements cannot be carried out while the residents are living there. 

When it's possible, we will try to find a home within our permanent housing stock, in an area where residents want to live. Sometimes this will not always be possible because of a lack of available propertiers. In normal circumstances, residents would be expected to go back to their original home once the work has finished.

Local Authorities

We offer homes to households nominated to us by local authorities. They advertise properties through choice based lettings and nominate a household with the highest priority from the people who bid for the home. The details are then checked with the household and against our Allocation criteria to make sure they are in housing need and the property meets their needs.

Transferring to another home

If you're already a Rosebery resident who needs to move from your current home because it's no longer suitable, you will be assessed by us against the Allocation Criteria (see below). Transfer applications are prioritised through the award of points. Residents who are living in a home that's too large for their needs are a priority and we'll work with them to find rehousing options.

Transfer applicants will be accepted only if:  

  • they have lived in their current home for at least one year
  • they do not have rent arrears before the transfer takes place
  • there is not a current Notice of Seeking Possession
  • they are not being investigated for Anti-Social Behaviour
  • they have not neglected and/or damaged their current home
  • There is a clear need for them to move to another home

Rent Arrears

Residents in general needs or temporary accommodation will not normally be allowed to move to another home if they are in rent arrears. The only exceptions are for:  

  • where residents are experiencing harassment and need to urgently move, an agreement will be made to reduce the debt
  • A resident's account will be checked by us before offering another home to make sure that any agreements are being adhered to.

Points System

Points will usually be given only if the location or condition of the resident's home is causing or making worse a medical condition or disability they have. The resident must complete a medical form and their GP's/consultants can provide additional information where needed. The medical priorities are:


Immediate transfer required
100 points

Where the applicants health is seriously affected by
their housing condition.
20 points

Minor health issues

5 points



2 children of opposite sex
when oldest reaches 6
10 points per room

plus – points per year for each year of waiting
starting when the oldest child reaches 6 
2 points per year

2 children of same sex points per year starting
when oldest reaches 10
2 points per year

Statutory overcrowding
10 points

Children in flats above ground floor


Without own garden until youngest child is 8 years old

1st floor
5 points

2nd floor
10 points

Other criteria


Per room
20 points

Time points
Per year up to a maximum of 5 years
2 points

Decants to other homes because
improvements are needed to be carried out by us
100 points

Management Transfer
Points given in special circumstances because of
serious issues connected to the resident's home
that has resulted in immediate personal risk to them
if they stay there. Perpetrators of harassment,
anti-social behaviour and domestic violence will not
normally be housed
100 points

Discretionary points
These may be given by us in certain circumstances,
e.g. fostering
100 points


Click here to read a copy of our Allocation Policy