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Rosebery's Resident Panel


Rosebery's Resident Panel is made up of a team of residents. The Resident Panel works with us to improve the services that affect all of Rosebery’s residents.

The Panel:

• Feedback on Rosebery’s processes and performance.
• Focus on what’s important to residents, highlighting what we do well and what needs to change
• Challenge the way we do things and make recommendations for improvements
• Develop effective links with the Board and senior management and hold us to account if we fail to do what we say we will do

Each person on the panel brings a variety of knowledge, skills and experience.

We’re looking for new members of all ages and backgrounds to join our team of residents.

What happens next…

By selecting this Opportunity we'll be able to get in touch to tell you all about the Resident Panel and how you could apply to join them. 

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