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Barclays Digital Driving Licence


Do you want to learn new digital skills or brush up on exisiting ones? Are you looking to improve your I.T and technology skills to enhance your job prospects or to boost your confidence online?

Sign up to the Barclays Digital Driving Licence Once to access learning modules which present a variety of digital subjects for all skill levels including MS Office, Beginner’s Guide to the Internet, Getting Started with Social Media and Hardware and External Devices. There are also modules to help teach about coding, Skype usage, cyber security and e-Commerce sites.

This is a FREE tool that can be downloaded for desktop, tablet and mobile users. For each module you complete, you earn points and badges which are endorsed by City & Guilds.

What happens next…

You can sign up to the Barclays Digital Driving Licence by clicking HERE

  1. Register a new account. You can pick a username and password that you can easily remember.
  2. Click on any modules you would like to learn about on your Driving Licence dashboard. You can then read more about the subject and take a quiz to test your knowledge. The more correct answers you get, the more points you can achieve.
  3. Have fun learning new digital skills!

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