My Tenancy

When you moved into your new home you signed a tenancy agreement with us. This sets out your responsibilities as our resident, as well as our duties as your landlord. It’s important that you read and understand this agreement, as if you break any rules you could lose your home. When you signed your agreement, we explained about the type of tenancy you have. Please click the links below for information on the different types of tenancies and if you have further questions, please get in touch with your Neighbourhood Officer or Temporary Accommodation Co-ordinator.


As well as the tenancies listed above, we're also allowed to give our residents other types of tenancies, such as fixed term. If we give you a different type of tenancy, we'll explain all the details and make sure you understand the terms of the agreement when you sign up.

For more details on the types and lengths of tenancies we grant and the circumstances in which we do so, please read our Tenancy Policy  
You can also find more details by downloading our Tenants Handbook

What is security of tenure?

If you have a protected assured or an assured tenancy, then you have 'security of tenure'. This means you have the right to keep your tenancy for as long as you like, providing you keep to the rules and pay your rent on time. We can only end your tenancy for certain reasons, e.g. if you cause a nuisance to your neighbours or you don't keep up with rent payments.