Moving To A New Home

Joining our Transfer List

If you decide that you need to move home, you can complete a transfer application form. By doing this, you will be added to our transfer list and awarded points depending on your circumstances. People with the most urgent need will be given the highest priority. Contact us to find out how you can complete a transfer form.

It’s important to remember that you won't be able to transfer if you’re behind with your rent or haven’t looked after your home.

Mutual Exchanges

Mutual exchanges are often a quicker way for you to find a new home.  They involve you swapping homes with someone else.


There are two mutual exchange providers that we recommend two mutual exchange services - Homeswapper and Movemaker






Homeswapper is a mutual exchange site where you can create your own home advert and see what other homes are avaliable locally and nationally to swap to. Homeswapper is FREE to register to and as well as their website, they also have a Homeswapper app for Apple and Android devices.

To register for Homeswapper, please visit



Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to look through a list of other residents who want to move and see if they will swap with you. To read a guide on how to use the Homeswapper site and tips on how to advertise your home and find the best matches, please download the Homeswapper Welcome Pack



movemaker app


MoveMaker is a new app and website that has been designed to make it easier for social housing tenants to swap their homes through a mutual exchange. Movemaker provides easy to read simple information about properties including ratings of schools, GPs, transport links and proximity to local services.

If you’re a resident and wanting to move, you can register to use MoveMaker! Download the app to your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet, or register online

  • It’s quick to register
  • It’s easy to use
  • It helps answer important questions about your chosen local area
  • No more time-wasting; it only connects you if there is a two-way match
  • And it’s FREE!


If you have any questions about Movemaker or want to find out more information, please visit the Movemaker FAQs

movemaker laptop


What happens if I find a swap on a mutual exchange site?


Once you’ve found someone to swap with, contact our Customer Services Team to ask for a Mutual Exchange Application Form or click here to complete it online.

You’ll need to have permission from both landlords if you want to move to a home that’s owned by another housing association or local authority.

When you exchange homes, you will take on the tenancy conditions of the person you’re swapping with. This could mean that your tenancy status changes. You also accept your new home in its current condition so it’s extremely important that you check it very carefully before you agree to swap. We cannot help with any decorating or repair work when you first move in.