Renting a Garage

We have garages available to rent across Epsom and Ewell. We’ll try to find a garage that’s available in the area you want, and if that’s not possible, you can be added to our waiting list. Non-residents can apply for a garage. If you are a tenant, we’ll offer you a garage at a discounted rate.

  • Garage rent is due in advance and payments are usually made by direct debit
  • To rent a garages, your rent account must not be in arrears
  • If you are in arrears, you can be added to our waiting list until your debt has been cleared.
  • Garages will be repossessed if rent arrears are not cleared

They should not be used for: 

  • Running a business or for storing goods for business purposes
  • Storing dangerous or illegal goods
  • Storing food, rubbish or household waste
  • Repairing any vehicles that you do not own


We’re not responsible for any loss or damage caused to your items. Valuable items you choose to store in your garage may not be covered by your insurance.

If you’d like to rent one of our garages please call our Customer Services team on 01372 814000 or 0800 068 7664, or fill out the form below:

Rent a Garage

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