Help With Getting Online

It’s becoming more important than ever to have access to the Internet.

If you don't have the skills to use the internet, you could be paying more for bills such as utilities, food shopping, and insurance. You may also find it harder than others to find work and in the future, you could even find it difficult to collect benefits. So....

We want to help you get online!

Our office is registered as an ‘access point’ with UK Online Centre. We have two computers in our reception area that are free for you to use and our Customer Services Team are on hand to provide help if you need it. To use these computers please book an appointment using our online form or alternatively, call the Customer Services team to book in an appointment slot.

We have also funded computers at four children's centres in Epsom. This means that you can pop to a centre to get online and access digital services for free. For more details, call your local centre:

Riverview Sure Start Children’s Centre
020 8337 7310

Meadow Sure Start Children’s Centre
020 8393 9320

St Martin’s Sure Start Children’s Centre
01372 730 435

Epsom Sure Start Children’s Centre
01372 749 834


Useful Websites

Barclays Digital Driving Licence - to help brush up your digital skills and to learn more about life skills online including how to use Microsoft Office, online banking, Skype, cyber-security, shopping online and social media, sign up for FREE and earn skill points

Digital Unite - gives free advice on what computer to buy and how to use it, as well as step by step guides, for example in creating your own email address and using Microsoft Word

Learn My Way - As part of UK Online you can find courses near to you, there are also free helpful step by step advice guides and video demonstrations


Free Computer Courses

We work in partnership with the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) to hold various training courses to help you build new skills. Many of these courses teach basic or advanced computer skills.

If you’d like to learn how to use a computer (even if you have never used a computer before) or improve your skills, call us on 01372 814 000.  We’ll register your details and let you know when training is taking place.

Did you know
  • Around 8.4 million people in the UK have never been online
  • Up to 43% of adults who are not online live in social housing
  • Over 70% are socially excluded
  • Over 50% receive state benefits
  • Around 25% earn less than 10k a year
  • 29% are unemployed
  • 33% are retired
  • A third consider themselves to have a disability or mental health issue
  • 4.1 million offline adults in social housing could save £530 million a year if they paid bills and shopped online
  • You are 25% more likely to find work online
  • You can earn 10% more if you have digital skills
  • Government digital by default strategy - 80% of universal credit claims are to be made online