Contents Insurance

It’s important you get contents insurance when you move into your home. We’re not responsible for the contents of your home so you need to protect your belongings with insurance in case they are lost or damaged because of flood, theft, fire or similar events. Rosebery does not provide compensation for items that have been damaged that should be covered under a contents insurance policy. 

We have insurance for your home that only covers the building structure and ‘fittings’ that come with your home, like your bath or toilet.

We can help our residents obtain home contents insurance easily and at a price that is affordable.  While many people often hope that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly.

With a special scheme called Crystal arranged in conjunction with Thistle Tenant Risks and Rosebery Housing,  residents can protect their belongings and gain peace of mind knowing if the unexpected happens they are covered. Benefits include: 

  • You are covered if you damage a ceramic sink or break a window that you're responsible for
  • Do not have to pay any excess
  • Will not have to pay more on your premium if you make a claim
  • Can pay fortnightly/monthly/yearly, by cash/cheque/direct debit
  • Are not tied into a yearly contract, the cover is on a pay as you go basis.   

If you'd like more information on the scheme or wish to find out prices, please click on the Crystal Insurance picture below and the hyperlinked files. If you wish to contact Crystal about a new contents insurance quote, please email or call 0345 450 7286.


crystal insurance


Crystal Insurance Scheme Prices 

Crystal Information Pack 

If you prefer to use comparison websites to find the best deal for insurance, you can use the computer in our reception and we’ll offer help if you need it. Useful websites to compare insurance deals, include: 

Compare the market

Go Compare

Money Supermarket

U Switch