Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance

Taking care of your shared areas is part of our responsibilities as your landlord. We organise for the cleaning and grounds maintenance to be carried out by contractors. We welcome feedback about their work, so if you have any comments to make please complete the form below. 


Based in Dorking, Groundscapes is our main grounds maintenance contractor, carrying out gardening services to most of our rented properties. If you'd like to contact them directly, email  

The sister company of Groundscapes, they are responsible for making sure your communal areas are cleaned to a service you deserve. To contact Cleanscapes, call 01306 711730 or email

Pentland Estate Management
Some of our more recent developments have property management companies in place, who have their own contractors in place for cleaning and grounds maintenance. Pentland manages these services for residents living in homes within Parkview. To Contact Pentland call 01455 882634 or email

Chamonix Estates
Chamonix manages the cleaning and grounds maintenance services for people living on our Noble Park development. To contact them call 01622 808409 or email  


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