Compensation isn’t just about paying for mistakes that are made. It can be a way of saying sorry for something. It’s also used for paying back money if you are out of pocket because of something we’re responsible for.


You might be due compensation if:
  • We’ve failed to give you the quality of service we said we would.
  • Something in your home has not been working, like heating or hot water.
  • You’ve not being able to use one of the main rooms in your home.
  • You’ve had to move out while we do some work to your home.


Quality of service

If our service has not been good enough or we didn’t meet the standards we set, you might be suitable for some compensation. This will usually be a set amount depending on what has happened. The type of things this could cover includes:

  • Where we’ve not finished repairs when we said we would.
  • When staff or contractors haven’t kept appointments.
  • If we’ve not responded to a complaint on time.


Faults at your home

You might be due some compensation when something at your home, like heating or electricity, is not working. Or, if you can’t use part of your home, such as the main room. This depends on what’s happened and how long it’s been going on for. We’ll normally pay this to you as a refund of all, or part of your rent.

This includes:

  • Not being able to use your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.
  • Your heating or hot water not working.
  • Not being able to use sinks, showers or toilets.
  • Electricity not working.
  • A lift breaking down.



We’ll normally transfer any compensation by BACs straight to your bank account. But if you owe us any rent, then compensation will go onto your rent account.


More details

For further information on our compensation process please read our  Compensation Policy

If you would like more details about compensation or you feel you might be entitled to some, please contact the Customer Services Team on 01372 814 000 or email