Changes To My Home

You’ll be able to make improvements to your home as long as you get our permission in writing. This is because, we need to make sure that the improvements you want to make don’t:

  • Make your home unsafe
  • Reduce the standard or value of your home
  • Affect your neighbours or your estate

When you make changes to your home, you may also need approval from a building or planning authority. If building work involves a wall shared with a neighbour, you may need to employ a Party Wall Surveyor. You’ll need to make the application for this yourself and cover any of the costs. Your rent won’t increase because of the improvements you make, but you'll be responsible for maintaining the changes.

If you move out, you won’t be able to take any of the changes you’ve made with you. For example, if you’ve put a new kitchen into your home, you can’t take it with you. Sometimes we’ll pay towards the cost of improvements you have made if you move out:  

  • We can only compensate certain improvements
  • You will need our written permission before carrying out the works
  • You will need to have receipts or estimates confirming the improvement cost


If you'd like to speak to our Customer Services Team about making a change to your home, please fill out and send us the form below.

Changes to my home

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Decorating My Home

You’re responsible for keeping the inside of your home clean and in good decorative order. You don’t need to get our permission just to decorate your home unless you plan on applying textured plaster (such as Artex) to walls or ceilings. Usually we would not give permission for this, unless the condition of the existing plaster was particularly poor. 

If part of your home needs to be redecorated after a repair, we’ll make arrangements for this. We’ll try to match the existing decoration, although there’s no guarantee that we will be able to do this.