Being a Leaseholder

We’re responsible for managing and maintaining the building you live in and you pay a share of the costs for this. If you live in a block of flats with communal areas, we provide services and repairs for these and you pay towards the cost. This is called a service charge.

In some cases, services and repairs are the responisbility of a mangement company. They will appoint a managing agent to do this, we pay the managing agent and recover your share of the cost through the service charge you pay.


Paying a service charge
  • We write to you in April each year with an estimate of how much the service charge will be that you have to pay
  • At the end of the financial year, we compare how much we’ve actually spent to our original estimation
  • If we’ve charged too much then you’ll get a credit in your account
  • If we’ve not charged enough, we’ll ask you to pay this amount.

Subletting your home
  • You’re allowed to sublet your home out to other people
  • You must make sure we have your current contact details as you’re still responsible for paying all charges
  • You will be responsible for having a gas safety check carried out each year

Extending your lease


Repairs to your home
  • Routine repairs will usually be carried out without us contacting you
  • We must let you know anything which is going to cost you more than £250


For more information about being a leaseholder, read our Rosebery Leaseholders Handbook

The Leasehold Advisory Service is a government funded service which provides free impartial advice to leaseholders. Visit their website at  


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