Anti-Social Behaviour

We think it’s important for everyone to enjoy living in their home. To help make sure this happens, we’ll deal with any Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) problems you have, in a quick, efficient and sensitive way. You can talk to us in confidence about the problems you are experiencing. We make sure that our staff have the skills they need to handle these cases and we work closely on incidents with partners such as the local authority and Surrey Police.  

Nuisance neighbours

People sometimes have different opinions about what acceptable behaviour is.  Most of the time we accept that someone’s lifestyle may be different to ours, but occasionally this can cause conflict. The most common problems are: 

  • playing loud music, particularly late at night
  • noisy children
  • regular domestic arguments
  • abusive and bad language
  • leaving mess and rubbish
  • barking dogs and dog mess
  • disagreements about car parking
  • physical or verbal harassment


Your tenancy agreement means you must: 

  • Not cause a nuisance to your neighbours or anyone living in the area.
  • Take responsibility for the behaviour of anyone visiting or living with you.
  • Speak to the people causing the problem and try to sort things out between you.
  • Respect your neighbours.

What can you do?

If you’ve spoken to the people causing the problem and things don’t improve, let us know. We’ll tell you about other ways to help, such as arranging for mediation between you and your neighbour. You can also contact your local authority’s Environmental Health Officer (EHO), who will ask you to take notes and keep a diary of all incidents.

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You can report ASB incidents to us by: 

Calling 01372 814000


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